Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good morning, everyone. Sunny again and we expect the temp to get into the high 80s today--90s tomorrow and Monday. I plan to water everything well after breakfast because it will be a bit too warm later in the afternoon.

I didn't know about any U.S. government program exploring the possibility of implanting bombs in a person, Lois. But I wouldn't be surprised that such a program existed. A great deal of obscene and evil operations have been conducted with government (and military) connivance. Glad you like the photos. I have played with photography for the last 40+ years since I went through photo training in the Navy. That was when we still used film and chemicals. For about 15 years I didn't have the money to pursue it. Thanks to computers and digital cameras I can get back to taking pictures again. And my mistakes are more easily 'erased.'

Well, evidently there are some expenditures that can still get an overwhelming bipartisan vote. Unfortunately, they don't involve women, children, old people, sick people, or the middle (or lower classes). And please don't give me any of the crap about how 'security' benefits all those groups. We are at the point where the increases in military spending are yielding less and less security for the money.

And this piece of totally inane legislation has passed the house on what I suspect is a strict party line vote. And I absolutely love (sarcasm alert!!) the remarks by the Kansas Repthuglican Representative Tim Huelskamp that he wants to make sure that "America's military camps are not used to push a narrow social agenda." But he and his gang can push their narrow economic and political agendas in the so-called budget negotiations.

A few days ago Arizona was hit by a dust storm right out of the Dust Bowl. Now the Atacama Desert in Chile, known as the driest place on earth, what hit by a 31.5 inch snowfall--the heaviest in some 2 decades. And that is in addition to record lows in Santiago.

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Kay Dennison said...

You prolly already know that many of the families of our soldiers and sailors are paid so little that many of them qualify for welfare assistance as do many of us on Social Security. I'd say that that is the damning case against cuts to social programs. Let 'em sell their private jets and squeeze on US Scare like ordinary mortals.