Monday, October 17, 2011

Good Monday morning to everyone out there.  We had rain till midday yesterday but today is supposed to be sunny if a bit cool.

I found this little story about a push by some Australian banks to get more customers for their insurance, loans and credit cards.  If the banks down under are so engaged you can bet that banks over here are also. I think there is something wrong with a business model that depends for its viability on perpetual growth as finance seems to do nowadays.  Nothing grows forever.

Earlier this summer I was thinking about trying to get a plot in the community garden a couple of blocks away from us next season.  I think I mentioned it in one of my previous blogs.  I decided against it for two reasons.  After the heat of July (which was murderous) the prospect of trudging four blocks carrying what ever tools I needed on a daily basis was not at all attractive.  And Mom reminded me of an incident a couple of years ago where vandals destroyed the containers a couple of the occupants of other townhouses in the neighborhood had put in.  Evidently such vandalism and theft is becoming a major problem in some areas.

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Looking to the Stars said...

You have that right, nothing grows forever. Something is wrong in the business world and I think it comes down to one word, greed.

Yes, you had mentioned the garden plot before. It is sooo sad that vandels have to destroy what is good & the hard work others do. I think you have the right idea, keep growing in your backyard. You have everything at your fingertips there :)