Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good morning to anyone out there.  Thunderstorms rumbled through here last night.  Only dropped a third of an inch of rain so at least we aren't too wet today.  But we aren't supposed to get any sun today and the temps won't get out of the 50s till next week.  Hope you don't get too much snow, Lois, and that you get some new jobs soon.  And glad to see you back, Kay.  Hope the situation in Kay's World is settling down.

Obama has moved from a limited new program to help a few homeowners who are underwater to a new limited new program to help some people with student loans.  This article sets out the particulars of his proposed program.  I don't know how many people this will help but I suspect not as many as promised.  I suspect the whole aim for these programs is to kick the can down the road hoping that the economy will recover to the point where jobs that pay enough for those students and former students to begin paying off the whole bill.  I don't expect that any time soon.

I had more on here but blogger froze and lost the rest.  I am pissed so I will quit for today.  Bye, all.

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Looking to the Stars said...

My blog has been freezing also. All I can say is phooey.

I like your phrase 'kick the can', that sums it up nicely. And I would have to agree with you, that is what they are doing!

So far, we have gotten about an inch of snow. Other parts of the springs seem to be getting more. A nice day to be inside :)

take care