Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello, All.  Got a bit more cleaned out in the gardens.  Took out the portulaca and petunias and pulled the stalks of the tomatoes I cut down earlier.  The little blueberries are doing very nicely.  One had a branch I thought might have been nearly broken but it has strengthened and is now standing up rather than dragging on the ground.  I will get a bit more cleaned out today.  A couple of the blogs I read regularly use the declining days of fall as a time of introspection.  I can agree on that.  My mind goes to how the garden progressed, what plants did well, what plants simply didn't work, and how to make the garden easier and more productive next year.  Sometimes the thought go beyond the gardens to things I have experienced in the past and how I might have done things differently.  I don't really regret anything but there are definitely aspects I can learn from for the future.  This is a good time to contemplate those things.

I got back from my errands this morning just in time to catch New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's news conference.  He is actually one of the few Republicans out there (as opposed to Repthuglicans).  He has decided to stick with his original gut feeling and not run for the Presidential nomination.  Good for him!!  But I have to wonder whether those 'reporters' were deaf or simply had a problem understanding such a simple two letter word as NO.  Is it the N or the O that they can't figure out?

Well, maybe Citi's website will crash as many times as BofA's has since its new debit card fees were announced.  Given the info in this L.A. Times story that should be in the works as well as a whole bunch of depositors doing what one featured in the story is doing--pulling their money out.

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