Sunday, October 16, 2011

Good morning, all.  Cool again and will be for the entire week, with several days even cooler.  But then it is Autumn.  Not much going on--just shifting from gardening to needlework but not really engaged with either yet.  I have been so lazy lately.

Well, this is good news--if it holds.  I think we should decide that Iraq's stability is in its own hands and get the hell out.  They have problems we can't solve and they don't involve al Qaeda or terrorism.  Then we should get out of the other big black hole over there--Afghanistan.

Hey, Lois.  Just a thought on your last comment--unfortunately we are the fools and we are rapidly being separated from our money.  Every time someone mentions changing Social Security or decides that the really can't pay for the pension plans called for in previously negotiated labor contracts.  We have given our labor or our money for a future promise which someone somewhere has decided isn't really worth as much as when the promise was made.

Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism has some links to stories that poke holes in the accusation that Iran was behind a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador.  I nether believe nor disbelieve the accusations.  I just simply do not trust the government (whether in Repthuglican or Damnocrat hands) to tell the truth.  But I am an 'equal opportunity' skeptic--I don't trust Iran either.

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Looking to the Stars said...

I hope our getting out of Iraq comes true but I'm not holdong my breath :)

I agree, we have given our labor & money for a future promise. Not good :(

I'm with you, I neither believe or disbelieve about the assasination attempt. I LOVE your last sentence,LOL!!