Monday, October 24, 2011

 Good morning, everyone.  I thought I would show you what my gardens have become.  They are definitely no longer jungles.

I put the lemon verbena (foreground) and the rosemary (background) in pots and moved them indoors.  They spend the nights on the shelf by the patio door and in the mornings, on sunny days, I move them to our front (north facing) door to get the sun.  I hope that will be enough to keep them healthy over the winter.  Both are hardy only to the level of Florida and the Gulf coast.
I have 9 over the fence pot holders which now hang on the cross beams of my mini-greenhouse frame.  I put the empty pots in them for storage.  The pots--I cut the tops off 1 gal. vinegar containers and punched holes in the bottoms to make them.  I have bought some pots over time but for the small ones various food containers work very well.  The only problem I had was to get the plants out after the season.  They were all very root bound.  I may have to repot some of the plants at intervals over the season next year.
 Here are two of the three large containers I have put hardy plants I hope will over winter well.  I put the three miniature roses, mums and German thyme in the blue container, and lemon balm and lavender in the pink one.  I made the decision to keep the lavender and lemon balm at the last minute--after I had cut the lavender back.  I found some cedar shavings we had picked up some time ago--for what I forget--and put that as a mulch on these and the blueberries.  Why do I have the trellis stakes in the containers?  Well, I will fix them up as the frame for the plastic covers I will put in in the spring.  The soil isn't frozen now.  Easier.
 Here is a closer view of the blue container.  The mums have finally bloomed again.  I think the growers must somehow force the plants to bloom simultaneously.  I was very concerned when the buds remaining after the first blooming didn't open.  But I decided to leave it alone and see what happened.  As you can see they seem to have happily adjusted.
 These are the little Top Hat blueberries.  They are supposed to reach 2 ft tall and 2 ft wide.  Perfect for containers.  In the spring I will put them in individual pots and see how they do.  I hope they do well.

Last spring my sister gave me the Christmas cactus below.  It wasn't doing well and she couldn't figure out why.  I wasn't at all sure I could do anything for it but, as you can see, it is happy now.  It should bloom nicely.


Looking to the Stars said...

Wow, love your pics :)

Always like to see your growees :)
Nice job my green thumb friend :)

We don't have any work now, so will not be back on my computer till we do. Will try to stop by each day when I check my computer. work is at an all time low (sigh)

take care

Kay Dennison said...

Looking good!!!!! Thanks for sharing how your gardens grow!!!