Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Good Tuesday to you all.  We still have some nicely warm unseasonal weather.  The mornings have been cool enough that we need our sweaters but warm enough later to open both doors for the breeze.  Another sign of the changing seasons--they are turning off and draining Buckingham Fountain in Chicago today.  I looked out yesterday and noticed that even the taller and later leafing trees are well into their change of color.  And many of the smaller trees that leaf out earliest are bare.  Looking out at my nearly bare garden containers I definitely have to do some research on cold tolerant plants for next year.  My miniature roses are still blooming and doing very nicely in the large containers.  I may get some more mum flowers as the new growth on the plants are putting out nice buds--if we don't get a killing frost.  The blueberries are doing very nicely.  I wonder how soon they start bearing--hopefully next year.

Hey, Kay, glad to see you back.  Hope you can raise a bit of hell out there.  I saw that that Repthuglican poster boy for obtuse idiocy, a.k.a. Joe the Plumber, is going to run against Marci Kaptur.  I hope he gets buried.


Kay Dennison said...

Thanks!!!!! I'll be telling you about my weekend plans as soon as find out more about our local plans to Occupy Ohio. My stepmom kept dithering about the gerrymandering aka redistricting that occurred up there and I wasn't aware that it was Joe running against Marcy. You can bet his chances are slim once everyone finds out who he is. I wanna know who's stupid enough to fund him. Sarah Palin is not a good reference to much of anyone these days given the way people in the GOP appear to be avoiding her.

And thanks, I'm feeling better -- then again, I'm back in my domain.

Looking to the Stars said...

Its cooler here in the morn & eve, the middle of the day is still getting a tad warm. The trees are changing here also, love this time of year :)