Friday, October 21, 2011

Good morning on this very chilly Friday.  But I think I saw clear skies so we should see the sun today.  Good.  The gray rainy weather of the last couple of days depressed our moods.  We got the storm windows closed and the plastic up on the windows today.  Last night it was cold enough that the temperature in the house dropped to 66 degrees.  We put the furnace on to take the chill off but our normal winter temperature setting is 68 or 69 degrees so it hasn't had to work too hard.  (Update:  I may be wrong on the sun.  Looking out the patio doors I see clouds moving in from the direction of Lake Michigan.  Damn!!!) (2nd Update: the lake clouds have stayed north.  We do have sun!!)

We just rearranged our freezers.  By accident.  Mom wanted to get out a bag of frozen peaches for a pie and we had to dig out everything to get at them.  Since we had almost everything out we decided to reorganize.  I hadn't kept count of everything I put in from the gardens.  We have a full plastic shopping bag of small baggies of stewed and sauced tomatoes.  Two bags of similarly packaged peppers, plus the ones we have in the small freezer for immediate use.  I will have to rethink how many pepper plants I put in.

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