Monday, October 31, 2011

Good morning, everyone.  I haven't seen much I cared to comment on for the last couple of days.  What can you say when everything seems to be continuing in the same pattern with hardly a change even in the details.  The stock market went up dramatically on the 'hopium' of a much ballyhooed 'solution' to the European debt/banking problem totally ignoring all of the parts of that situation that remain unaddressed.  The Repthuglican Presidential Contenders Comedy Show rolls on.  Herman Cain is currently the star clown and, shades of Clarence Thomas and John Edwards, et al., we now have charges of sexual harassment!  The so-called 'Super Committee' continues its deliberations but a 'compromise' appears as far out of reach as ever inspire of the assurances from leaders of both parties that they are really, truly  in good faith.

CNN has featured segments today on efforts by various parties to trademark 'Occupy Wall Street,' 'We are the 99%,' and other slogans associated with the new movement.  Evidently two competing applications have been filed for 'Occupy Wall Street.'  Over the summer a bit of a firestorm erupted among some of the blogs I follow over the attempt by a family in California to trademark 'Urban Homesteading.'  I have wondered for sometime if our language is devolving into meaningless sounds.  I addressed this notion in a part of a blog that disappeared when blogger froze up on me.  There I considered the notions of 'natural,' 'organic,' and other such terms.  They have been taken over and stretched so out of definition that you can't rely on the idea that whoever is using them means what you might think they mean.  But, in a society where the dollar and bottom lines are the only things that matter, what else would you expect.

I love reading James Kunstler's weekly blog.  He says much of what I have been thinking about the latest effort to shore up the European debt/banking system and does so very astringently.

Well, since it is Halloween (or Samhain for those of you who are of the modern pagan persuasion) here is a link to Ronni Bennett's blog where she has posted some pictures of some very artfully carved pumpkins.


Kay Dennison said...

The bottom line is that our government has been bought and paid for by the 1% and the 99% is mad as hell. I'm not going down without taking a stand. It's not so much for me -- since my life is more or less unimportant -- but for the kids growing up in a country with the game thoroughly stacked against them and their future.

Looking to the Stars said...

The terms that are used today are used, just as you said, for the almighty dollar.

The one that has always got my goat is 'troops', used to be that was a group of military people, now it means one person.

I hate it when they screw around with the english language.

take care :)