Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good Sunday morning to you all.  Cool again.  In fact the temperature is the coldest since early May, perhaps.  We expect sun and a high in the mid 60s today with 70s for the rest of the week.  The rain has, thankfully, moved off to the east.  Unfortunately, the people now getting it don't need it.  I wish it would have gone to Texas or to the southeast.  But with clear skies for almost a week (fingers crossed!) I will get the last of the plants cleared out of the containers and get the compost added and worked in.  I have resisted cutting the stevia because I want it to bloom.  It survived the high 40s last night so it should survive the next week.

Just finished processing the last of the peppers--False Alarm--for the freezer.  Got two-and-a-half quart baggies out of that last spurt.  We are still bummed out because the supply of pint baggies has almost dried up.  The supermarket only had one brand and it was way more expensive than the pints.  We like the pints because they hold just enough for one casserole or pot of soup without anything left.  Oh, well.

I have already turned off the (s)news.  The dominant story is the Amanda Knox story.  They are really building the drama.  The local news featured the Tea Con 2012 convention in Chicago this weekend.  Again too much attention to an insignificant story.

I have a simple solution to this kind of controversy.  We should reform the tax codes--all tax codes including property taxes--and remove the exemptions for religious establishments.

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Looking to the Stars said...

Sorry you couldn't find the right freezer bags. I'm like you, I like a certain size bag for things & hate it when the store is out.

Since I don't watch the news anymore I don't know anything about the Amanda Knox thing but I'm sure Im not missing much, lol

take care :)