Friday, April 19, 2013

Good cloudy and wet Friday to you all.  They say the rain is past for the most part and we don't expect more till Tuesday.  We just had a spit of grapple or granular snow.  Not much and didn't stay long.  I plan to check my containers tomorrow and, if the soil has drained enough, start getting the tubs emptied so I can move the new ones in place.  I have several seedlings I want to put in more durable pots but that isn't urgent.

You might find this interesting and useful.  I browsed a bit but not extensively.  The notion of on-line electronic libraries intrigues me though there are some books I prefer to have in hand as a physical object.

Something about this smells to high heaven.  P&G wants to push out their payment cycle to their suppliers to 75 days from the present 45 days.  They say it will free up $2billion in cash.  And they say they will offer 'financing' to any small and medium suppliers who might suffer from this delay.  The best financing would be to pay their bills in a timely fashion in the first place.  I don't know about anyone else, but a 45 day delay in paying bills is ridiculous.

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope that P&G's suppliers charge interest from day of delivery.
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