Monday, April 8, 2013

Good Sunday, everyone.  We had a wonderful day yesterday.  Temperature was a bit over 70 though the weather people warn that it probably won't be repeated for a while.  The ice on the patio cement is almost gone--may be totally gone since the temperature out there was 45+ overnight.  Sometime today I need to cut paper strips and make some more pots.  We are looking at how we can arrange out pots outside to make it easier to reach in and work.  But I may not be able to do much for at least another week.  Our weather people say we will have rain off and on all week.  How much? Anybody's guess.

I agree, Susan.  The banking situation is scary.  We have had 80 years of being assured that our bank accounts are safe.  After all, our government 'insures' them--right?  Well, that account is greatly under funded.  I remember reading about the level of bank liabilities a couple of years ago and thinking there isn't enough money to cover those liabilities--world wide or in individual companies.  And yes I have also seen the stories about the various schemes to squeeze more money out of bank customers and how much fees and penalties contribute to the bank's profits.  When the publicity bites them they roll back the contentious fee/penalty and quietly apply a new one while the attention is elsewhere.  I refuse to have a credit card.  All those offers go straight in the garbage.


I greet you now on a rainy Monday.  But the temperatures are in the mid-40s so nothing is likely to freeze again.  Right now I think I still have living blueberry bushes and tansy.  Still waiting for clear signs of life from the other plants I left out over the winter.

Hey, Kay.  Glad to see you back.  I agree on all you said.  I really hate the thought that Social Security and Medicare has become a 'bargaining chip' for our supposedly progressive President to get his 'grand bargain.'  It will be anything but grand for you, me, Mom and others like us.  Thank the powers, gods or whoever for Bernie Sanders.

I just got a plant in the mail.  I thought it would be the hibiscus I ordered but it was a pineapple sage.  I thought I had ordered seeds.  Oh, well.  It is upstairs under the grow lights until it is warm enough for it to be outside.  Next fall I will take cuttings and put them under grow lights over winter.  I wish I had done that last fall but Mom reminded me that those cuttings might not have done well since it wouldn't have had enough light.

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