Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Monday, everyone.  It is cloudy and we expect rain.  Blast--I wanted things to dry out a bit so I can get some digging in the gardens done.  I did get the cranberry and pineapple sage repotted.  The hibiscus is now in a large pot.  I will be watching to see how it does.  We are still recovering from some kind of stomach upset.  We don't know what it was but we do know that we didn't want to do anything or eat anything for about four days.


Good Tuesday to anyone out there.  As you can see I didn't have much to say yesterday.  I had turned off the computer by the time the news of the Boston Marathon bombing.  No real reason to comment.  What can I say except to express sorrow and condolences?

Although this kind crap makes me nauseous and thoroughly disgusts me, it doesn't surprise me.  In our present economy the greatest good is how great a company's profit is.  How they make that profit doesn't really matter.  If someone is harmed--well the litigation will take forever during which the products will still be sold and, if by some odd chance, they have to pay some damages, it is simply a 'cost of doing business.'  If these companies were really persons, as the Supreme Court recently held, they would be out of business and in jail.  That they aren't simply proves that they are not persons.  No one is ever found responsible for this criminality

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Kay Dennison said...

You said it well. Thanks!!