Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good Tuesday, everyone.  They say we should get temperatures in the 80s today.  Yea!!!!  I have to go by the garden center to pick up some more vermiculite and some fertilizer.  I tested the pot the blueberries are in because they aren't looking all that good--after a good start.  The pH is fine but the nutrients aren't.  I will get some azalea fertilizer for them and some of the slow release general purpose for the rest of the gardens.  I think I can put the tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse to harden off for the next week.  I didn't see any low temperatures that were anywhere near freezing.  And I can bring them back in quickly if necessary.  The hibiscus is doing very well.  We see new sprouts every day.  Unfortunately the cranberry didn't survive.  Let's see what is on the internet this nice sunny day.

I agree, Annie's Granny.  One of my grand-nieces uses them but we don't seen the benefit to the K-cups.  More expensive machine, more expensive coffee, and more packaging to throw away.

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