Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Good day to you all and welcome to April.  I know--it is the 2nd so April has already started.  I just haven't found much I wanted to say about what is going on in our world.  It is more of the same and I have felt somewhat exhausted in the way of something new to say.

Here is an interesting article concerning resistance of crop pests to GMO plants incorporating toxin genes.  The theory behind the pyramid strategy (incorporating genes for two or more toxins into a plant's genome) is that if on is good two is better, and so on.  The results say that may be be very mistaken.  Unfortunately, Monsanto and its competitors have so much capital invested in this strategy that changing course would be expensive and difficult.  And even more unfortunately, the recently signed 'Monsanto Protection Act' will allow those companies to introduce such engineered crops without oversight and without liability.  The worst part of this is that it was attached to the continuing budget resolution at the last minute.  The best part--the whole thing will be in effect only until September when the resolution expires.  Maybe something can be done to keep it out of any budget in the future--if any, given the recent track record of our overpaid representatives.

We listened to the morning news with a sense of bewilderment.  The economic segment proclaimed a fantastic drop in gasoline prices to an average of just under $3.60/gal.  Why bewilderment?  We were out yesterday and the lowest price we saw as $3.83/gal.  That has been typical for while now.  What ever 'good' news we hear don't seem to appear at our level of the economy.

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