Thursday, April 25, 2013

Good Thursday to anyone out there.  Overcast for now but they say the sun will shine.  I will let the gardens dry out a bit more and continue digging tomorrow.  Besides, they say it will be warmer.  I have a small stack of seeds to get into starter paper pots warmed by the new heating pad.  I set it up yesterday and I am glad I did.  The center of the pad heats up more than the ends so I will plant the heat loving Wonderberry (sunberry) in the center.  We still have two weeks before the average last frost day.  I have planted seedlings before that if the temperatures were likely to be high enough--with protection just in case.  But right now, with changing out the containers, I am not nearly ready to put anything out that isn't out already.

Caution: PROFANITY ALERT!!!  My first reaction on reading this was "Goddam fucking hell!!"  Sorry to all with sensitive ears but there isn't any way to soften the obscenity of this political hypocrisy. Every time I think these bastards can't sink any lower--they do.  NOBODY in government should be exempt from the laws passed and signed.  Sorry for shouting.  But I am incensed that they claim the programs are too expensive for them.  What about people like me who have less than 1% of their salary?  I would ask why they don't fix the programs for all of us but we all know what the term 'fix' means in politics.  If those assholes fixed a wheel it would have four sides.

Here is another story to make your blood pressure go into the stratosphere.  No profanity alert this time. I guess I expended too much energy on the last one.  Some years ago I had an account at a credit union.  I opened it when I started working for the credit union because they could automatically deposit my pay checks into their own accounts but not into other bank's or credit union's accounts.  After that job ended, I kept the account for a while because I was satisfied  with the service and thought I would soon get another job and would be using the account.  Well no job appeared and I couldn't get unemployment so no new deposits.  When the account fell below the minimum required they started charging maintenance fees.  The balance never went to zero because I was not as math challenged as our government seems to be and closed the account to conserve as much of the money as possible.  I still had another free checking account at another bank which I had opened some ten years before so I went back to using it.

And another sad commentary on the finances of higher education in the U.S.

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Kay Dennison said...

Present and accounted for; profanity forgiven.

I can't get through my blogroll or the news w/o cussin' these days!!!

These days, I think that stashing your money in a mayo jar on Funk & Wagnalls back porch the hell
outta the banks.