Thursday, April 18, 2013

Good very wet Thursday, Everyone.  And I do mean wet with more waves of rain to come.  We here are fine but some areas of Chicago have some nasty flooding and at least one sinkhole that has eaten a couple of cars.  I am resigned to the notion that I won't get much digging in the containers for the near future.  We had a very brief bit of sun but it won't last.  In fact, it is already gone.  The counties just south of us had tornado warnings last night and we had high winds.  We had some errands over the last couple of days that took us out of the house and we saw a number of branches that had broken off some of the bigger trees.  And several areas where either the homeowner or the power companies were taking out dangerous large trees.  The major roads in Chicago have serious flooding and backups--including interstates.  I don't remember when rain has shut down so many schools but this storm has.  The local news has taken over the time Good Morning America usually has.  They just interviewed a woman who lost two cars to the sinkhole I mentioned above.  I imagine her comment is common "This is Chicago not Florida!"

The local news still has pre-empted regular programming (9:30am).  They have been on the air since 4:30am.  I cannot remember a time when they have done this for rain storms.  A squall line just went through here and the trees across the way from our back door were swaying more than I have ever seen.  They just announced that more than 100 roads in Lake County Illinois alone have been closed because of flooding.

The other major story on our news media this morning is the Texas fertilizer plant explosion.  I am just now beginning to read what is on the news internet outlets on it.  However, this article reinforces a couple of other pieces I linked to over the last couple of days.  The government agencies that are supposed to inspect and regulate various industries are understaffed, underfunded, and, all too often, captured by the industries whose main effort is to undercut any regulation at all.  I wonder what will result of the investigation to come.

Sorry, the Blogger didn't want to take your comment, Kay.  I am glad you stopped by.

In between reading I have done a few little chores.  I made up several paper pots and got my peat plugs with stevia, hyssop, fox glove, and bee balm put into them.  I think I said before I won't use peat plugs any more.  The paper pots do better and if the paper disintegrates before the garden is ready (as a couple have done) I simply put the whole thing into a plastic pot till the final transplantation.  I have a couple of plants yet to (in paper pots) to transfer.

I hope this gets through.  Given how many of our Senators and Congresscritters are really representing the interests of the drug companies I won't hold my breath.  I really do resent the various welfare programs for corporations.

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