Saturday, April 27, 2013

Good morning to you all.  Sunny and clear--at least for now.  The weather people say there is a system that may brush our area with a bit of rain later.  But the temps should be in the mid 60s.  I hope to get two more of the new containers filled today and two shepherds' hooks moved.  I should refill the bird feeder.  But that is for a bit later because it is hanging on one of the hooks that will be moved.  I am watching the longer range weather forecasts to see when I can put my seedlings out.  I have a number of milk jug hot caps so they will have protection.

Hi, Kay.  I can sympathize on the chilly weather.  Today however has been really nice.  And we expect a few more before we get a chilly spell at the end of the week.  Have to be careful not to over do things.  There is so much to do so that is hard to manage.

Well, the season for recalls of contaminated veggies has started.  I wonder how many more we will see this year.

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