Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Good Wednesday, Everyone.  Oh, how chilly it is.  Sorry, Kay, but this rain and cold is going your way.  Wish I could wish it away but Nature has a mind of her own.  The news this morning said we have set a new record for the wettest April on record.  I don't know about you all but I am damned tired of these weather records.  Too wet to do anything outside but I have a number of things to do inside.  Stopped by the local home/garden stores yesterday to pick up vermiculite and soil test kits.  I was just a bit naughty and picked up a couple of things I hadn't planned on: two new plants (chocolate mint and spearmint) and a plant heating mat.  A couple of the seeds that haven't sprouted well need warmer temps than the 68 we keep the house at.  I have put the pineapple mint on my list for plants to add or replace.  I have heard really good things about it.  I need to rearrange my area upstairs (where I put the grow light) and get most of the starting materials up there.  That is for after I warm up--just taking the garbage out for pick up froze me to the bone.  I just put my winter coat away.  I hope I don't have to bring it back out.

My first thought on reading this-- the smaller size will cost as much or more than the bigger size.  I have seen that all too often.  I really resent the sanctimony.  I will decide what is 'responsible snacking.'  I don't need Mars to decide that for me.  All Mars is doing is piggy-backing on a popular fad to screw their customers and pad their bottom line.

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