Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good Wednesday and May Day to you all.  Another beautiful day on the tap.  Had 80s yesterday and expect the same today.  I plan to move most of the seedlings into the mini-greenhouse today and to clean out and transplant the strawberries.  Got the previously worked containers and blueberries fertilized and watered.  I want to get as much done today as possible because the next week is supposed to be in the 60s and wet.  I saw some new growth on the sage so it seems that plant will survive.  Haven't seen any new growth on the lavender.

We are not, repeat NOT, fans of the plethora of so-called smart things flooding our markets.  We rejected smart phones last time we had to replace ours.  We don't want to surf the 'net.  We check directions for where we want to go, if needed, before we leave on our computers.  We don't need our fridge and freezer telling us we are low on whatever.  And we don't need the car talking to us.  So a world dominated by all kinds of trivial household objects talking to each other or to me is--worse than annoying.  Another example of a 'convenience' which is a whole lot less than convenient.

Rude Pundit is so right on this.  We turned off the news because it was going insane on the Boston bombing.  In all the verbiage we got little useful information and a whole lot of unconfirmed speculation.  But we get absolutely nothing about the threats to our health and safety that are much more likely to harm us.  Has anyone heard anything more about that pipeline spill in Arkansas?  The West, TX plant explosion killed, last I heard, 14 while the Boston bombs killed 3.  And our media is obsessed about terrorism??

This item was posted on Can It Happen Here? and it underlines thoughts I have had on a number of issues.  It doesn't matter if the issue is climate change or economic reforms or expanded background checks for gun purchases.  If the people making the decisions or those bankrolling the decision makers aren't at risk nothing will get done.

Grist pretty much says what I have thought about our industrial agricultural system for some time.  It isn't safe for consumers or for workers.  In fact, that is safe in that perverse system is the profits of the companies.  Of course, food isn't the only aspect of our lives that is toxic.  Damn near everything else is--for the greater glory and profit of the chemical industry.

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