Monday, May 20, 2013

It's Monday again, Friends, and I hope your week is starting off well.  We expect another very warm to hot day with possible thunderstorms later.  All of the heavy gardening work is done and all the seedlings in their places outside.  I have some spaces yet that can be filled.  I will take a trip by the garden shops later in the week to see what I might like.  Between the raindrops I hope to get some clean up done in the shed and the mini-greenhouse.

Evidently some other people think "old tech" might not be so bad.

E.J. Dionne has a few interesting comments on the state of democracy world wide and how political dysfunction has affected the electorate.

I lived in Ft. Collins for nearly 20 years.  Evidently they are encouraging urban agriculture there now.   We had a very nice large yard and could easily have had chickens and goats in addition to the large garden.

As I read this piece on Can It Happen Here? I thought of a bit in a novel I read: what is the difference between a tax collector and a thief?  Official permission.  And one should pay attention to the source of the 'official permission.'  John Brown claimed God as his source of permission.  Robert E. Lee claimed the government of the  Confederate States.  I would go one step further:  William Tecumseh Sherman claimed the United States Of America.

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