Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Good Wednesday, all.  Sunny and we expect temperatures to rise into the low 80s--before the next round of rain and cool temps come in.  I got the lettuce and spinach transplanted.  Also put the trellis in its new spot which required digging out half of one of the large containers.  By then the wind was kicking up so I decided to water everything and call it quits.  I have several herb starts I need to transplant into larger pots.  I don't know if I will keep them in the individual pots or put them into the large containers.  Early next week I plan to start my beans.  The patio is looking like a garden again instead of an icy wasteland.  I definitely plan to cover the containers next winter.

I couldn't pass up linking to this story.  I won't pass on the veracity though the picture is convincing.  However, it is entirely believable that some idiot trusts the technology more than his own eyes.  I often wonder if some percentage of humans switch off their brains when they switch on the technology.

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