Thursday, May 30, 2013

 I promised you all pictures and here they are.  I did get some nice pictures of the goldfinches feeding in the gardens.  I think this is a little female not quite sure if it is safe to stay.
 These are the only big containers I didn't change out completely.  though slightly misshapen they aren't in quite the bad conditions the ones I replaced were.  The red planter has kale and will soon have more.  the pink has beans, bee balm, pineapple sage, and basil.
Chamomile and zinnia in a large round pot.
Tomatoes (white bucket and near blue container) with chocolate mint in pot straddling the two buckets.  The far bucket is empty for now.  Haven't decided what to put in there.
 Just a reminder of the winter past.
Grapefruit mint, tomatoes (left bucket) and peppers (right bucket).
 Hibiscus in the near pot and tansy in the far one.  The tansy is one of the survivors of the winter and came back luxuriously.  I have it for its insecticidal properties.  It is supposed to be good.  I moved it into its own pot because it is very invasive.  It tried to fill the whole large container I had it in over winter.  Pretty foliage.
 Beans (Yardlong asparagus), hyssop (small plants in the center), and kale.
Male goldfinch checking out the feeder.
Pyrethrum about to bloom.  Another survivor of the winter.  This is another plant the bugs don't like.  It didn't bloom last year.
 the left container has my left over pepper and tomatoes.  Sage (another winter survivor) and lemon thyme in the smaller blue container.  You can't see the foxglove and cabbage at the back.  I just snipped off the first blooms on the sage.
Squash, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in the buckets with spearmint and stevia in the pots.  The cucumbers have been badly damaged by winds and cold.  I have never had wind damaged plants but this year the cukes and the cypress vines have had a very hard time.  I will be starting new seeds for both.
Strawberry--one of a dozen or so survivors and new plants in pots throughout the gardens.
 The lone surviving blueberry.  Look closely at the base of the green branch and you will see the new growth.  The other two didn't survive.  I plan to transfer it to its own pot.  Thankfully blueberries self pollinate so I don't absolutely need to replace the plants that didn't survive.
 Pair of goldfinches.
King of the garden.  Isn't he pretty.

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Kay Dennison said...

Your photos are marvelous!!! I love your garden!!!!