Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good Saturday to you all.  Cool with possible showers--and the pattern should hold through Monday.  I won't be doing much outside except pulling a weed or two.  I took my little dawn walk through the containers and found that most plants are doing fairly well.  The Amish paste and Supersauce tomatoes have wind burned leaves but new growth so they should be all right.  The Mohawk peppers are still hanging in.  Thankfully the wind should not be so vigorous today.  Update: I just checked the cypress vines.  The winds shredded them but I saw new growth so they may recover.

The first little goldfinch showed up at our feeder this morning--ever.  Yeah!!!  Update:  the first finch is back with friends.  They are all exploring the feeder and everything else on the fence.

I am not at all surprised by this story.  I don't believe many people think in terms of calories when they decide what or how much to eat.  When I went into a fast food restaurant (some years ago) I thought in terms of "hamburger, fries and coke."  I didn't think in terms of  "number of calories for the burger, y number of calories for the fries, and z number of calories for the coke."  Even at home we don't think in terms of how many calories we are taking in but in the volume of food.  A frequent topic of conversation here is how we have reduced our food intake over the last decade or so but we aren't talking about calories but volume of food.  Once a bowl of chili was a large bowl filled to near the rim. The bowl remains the same but it isn't filled quite so full.  Not because we want fewer calories but because we want less volume.  I am not surprised that people can't accurately estimate the calorie content of their fast food choices.  We just don't translate meals or meal components into calories.  Let's also be honest about portion sizes.  Have you ever seen a realistic portion on the nutrition panel of a food product?  We always find the portions they say are 'normal' are either too large or more often too small.  Who eats a quarter cup of nuts or a dozen chips (or however many they say is a portion)?

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Kay Dennison said...

I agree on the portions. And most restaurants give enormous amounts of food. When did super-size become the rule?