Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good Thursday, all, and now that I have finished posting the tour of the garden I can go on to other things.  Let's see what is out there.

The baristas and shift supervisors in NY Starbucks have squared off against each other in court.  At issue: who has a right to share in the tip jars.  The legal point in question is whether the shift supervisors who are hourly but who have limited management duties are "agents' of the company and barred from getting a share out in the tips.  They say yes and the baristas say no.  Now the courts will decide.

What are the old sayings about getting toothpaste back into tubes or genies back into their bottles?  A strain of genetically modified wheat the Monsanto supposedly stopped testing in 2005 has turned up in an Oregon field and no one knows from whence it came.  The anomaly could threaten Oregon's exports to Japan and other countries who really don't want that crap.  By the way, the wheat was never approved by the FDA.  Update:  I didn't expect anyone to react so quickly.  I wonder how many others will follow Japan.

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Kay Dennison said...

It's all done with mirrors, dontcha know?