Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Good Tuesday, Everyone, though it feels like a Monday with yesterday being a holiday.  It was wet and cool with a very brief flash of sun.  I spent a bit trying to get my camera to work without flash so I could try the get pictures of the goldfinches.  I had to work through the door and screen because opening either sent the birds flying away.  I think I managed to get a couple of reasonably decent pictures.

So now, at least according to a new study featured on the morning broadcast news, c-section babies have a higher chance of being obese by age 11.  I am sorry but this is another study I take with a ton of salt.  There has been a move for some years to curtail the use of caesarean sections (which I agree have been overused) and what better way to do that than to link the procedure to obesity about which everyone is freaking out anyway.

Conversation at the supermarket:  Mom: Do we want canned milk or regular milk or 2%?  Me: Well, no 2%.  I don't really like chalk water.  But the 2% canned milk is not on sale.  Mom:  we could go with fat-free canned milk.  Me: I wonder how much difference there is.  Look, the whole canned milk has 3g fat and 30mg of sodium.  The 2% has 0.5g fat and 35mg salt and the fat-free has 0 fat and 40mg of sodium.  You know what they have done?  To make the reduced fat and fat-free palatable they increased the salt.  We finally decided to get the whole canned milk.  Mom is on one prescription medication for high blood pressure and another to lower her cholesterol.  Interesting choice here--the fat-free or low fat would reduce her dietary fats and therefore her cholesterol but the increasing sodium would act on her blood pressure.  Can't win for losing.  In the end we decided against buying the fresh whole milk and replenished our canned with the whole variety.

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Kay Dennison said...

Interesting!!! I want to see your pictures!

The whole food thing puts me crazy, too. The bottom line is I don't want to live forever so I just do the what I can within the paramaters of my so-called budget.

Bottom line is most people eat too much and too much of it is junk. I'm lucky -- I inherited my Scottish ancestors' tall, thin genes and blue eyes -- dumb luck and I grew up in a house where there was never much junk food. Discipline helps, too -- sometimes I even use it. :)

I've become a real freak about avoiding fast food. My biggest weakness is ice cream and I've even found some that's low fat.