Friday, July 10, 2015


Supposed to be near 80F today and sunny.  Good day to do some work outside.  The herbs really liked the cool and wet weather.  The Candy Mountain sunflower has started to bloom and it has some really pretty color.  More bees are showing up and they really do like the sunflowers and basil.  They may have found the lavender but I didn't see any on it when I stepped outside.  We got to sample the first two tomatoes from the Microtom.  More are ripening while the larger tomatoes are blooming well.  The peas have bloomed again and I saw some pods I should pick.  Mom suggested snow peas for next year.  I will look at those when I make up my winter seed order.

This study confirms what I have seen here--far fewer bees, including the bumblebees.

Nimue Brown says here what we have said often over the last few years.  We do have a few "frivolous" expenditures but they don't dominate our budget.  Mom has bought two cars in the time we have lived here--both used and both for cash.  She has one credit card for convenience and the balance is paid each month.  I have none.  We use things until they irreparably break and are unusable.

I think I have said before that I really like Pope Francis--not enough to seriously consider converting because he hasn't (and perhaps can't) change some of the doctrine I find problematic.  The statements reported here however are right on point and long overdue.

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