Monday, July 6, 2015


Nicely summer-like yesterday and supposed to be warmer today.  I had some unexpected gardening to do yesterday.  I think someone came in the patio Friday night because two of the small tomatoes were toppled over and the mizuna was crushed down.  It looked like someone bumbled into the tomatoes and searched for something in the mizuna bed.  Irritating because I lost one of the two trying to repair the damage.  I will continue getting things cleaned up in the little greenhouse.

Just put lavender, bee balm, and strawberry in the dehydrator.  Nothing else to harvest just yet.  Saw one single little tomato turning red.

A story to reinforce any skepticism I have (and I have a lot of skepticism) concerning our use of nuclear power.  The author writes about problems with a remote storage facility containing highly radioactive waste from nuclear bomb testing in the Pacific but think a moment about the highly radioactive waste stored at the various nuclear power plants.  And then think about the pretty much worthless promises that we can construct storage facilities that will keep it securely isolated for longer than humans have walked the earth as humans.


We should have another sunny and summery day today with increasing clouds and, possible, thunderstorms coming tonight.  I will continue getting things cleaned up and straightened out in the gardens.

I love the title on this FDL article.  I was skeptical of the whole (s)news "terrorists are coming to ruin your holiday" theme that permeated the airwaves.  Didn't you just love the pictures of the heavily armed and armored police patrolling the streets of New York?  Maybe CNN (and the rest of the idiots in that industry) will get bored, or maybe the audience will simply yawn and move on.

Did anyone not see this coming when the Texas jackasses (starting with their under-investigation Attorney General) began braying that clerks, judges, and justices-of-the-peace should rely on their "religious convictions" to refuse to issue marriage licenses?

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