Saturday, July 18, 2015


We expect more temps in the 90s today with steam bath humidity.  I plan to check everything outside early and I may water everything even though we got what looked like a good bit of rain last night.  I see tomatoes ready to pick.

Garden update:  only lasted about an hour outside before the heat built up to the point I had to quit.  I watered the sunflowers which are the most likely to dry out in spite of the rain we had.  Everything else looks good right now.  Cleared out a lot of the fading lower leaves of on the dragon's egg cucumbers and collected three nice ones we will have later today.  I hope that will open things enough for the peppers planted in the same container can do better.  I pulled the mizuna which was sprawling all over.  I like to leave plants I haven't grown before alone to see how they grow and in what kind of space they do well.  Next year the mizuna will go in its own large pot--as will the mustard.  The shishito pepper I planted behind the mizuna may also do better now.  It does have some nice peppers developing on it.  I also cut as many powdery mildew infested leaves on the bee balm as I could find.  I hope that will stem the spread.  Tomorrow I will spray the affected plants well to curtail it even more.  My basils and chocolate mint are recovering nicely from the attack of the Japanese beetles now that the numbers of beetles have dropped.  A week ago I was drowning thirty or so a day going out several times to hunt them.  For the last few days I have only found one or two.  Right now I am bushed.

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