Friday, July 31, 2015


Welcome to the last day of July.  I know I am not the only one who feels the time goes just too quickly.  Several bloggers I read remark on the same perception rather frequently.  I have peppermint to harvest today.  The spearmint I cut yesterday filled my dehydrator so I didn't cut peppermint.  I could have used the old dryer but I didn't have to hurry.

And now for a bit of current events that our news media doesn't mention.  The European Union has had an immigration problem for some time and it is growing.  The linked story deals with non-European peoples coming into Europe but there are also problems with European migrants going between various countries.  The promise of free movement within the Union has created more problems than the founders ever dreamed.

Another story which doesn't cause a blip on this side of the Atlantic pond comes from Italy where the first bail-in of a troubled bank occurred--or didn't depending on how you look at things.  Technically one can say that the junior bondholders took a haircut but then they were made whole "to preserve the  reputation of the sector."  What reputation??  The only thing preserved is the portfolio of the idiots who made the wrong investment choice and were about to be hosed.

Ah, yes!!  Much easier than kidnapping a person for ransom.  As the comment on the link I followed said this is penny ante.  The real extortionists are the junior bankers demanding their bonuses.

A semi-humorous take on a guy who shot down a drone flying above his property.  Unfortunately, the law hasn't caught up with technology.  Given all the stories of perverts using up-the-skirt-cameras or drilling peep holes in girls locker rooms or restrooms, I sympathize with the homeowner here.  I wonder if a slingshot would have done just as well in downing the pest.  Or if it came within range of a baseball bat.

Moving backwards with all possible speed.  And let's do another one just like the other one.  Since Ronald Reagan's administration I thought the Repthuglican agenda was to turn the clocks back to 1900 if not before.  Retrograde seems to be the new forward.

But who says we live in a reasonable world?  We aren't really citizens any more.  We are "revenue streams."

If we lived in a reasonable, crap like this self-righteous assholery wouldn't happen.

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