Thursday, July 2, 2015


Errands today: farm market, grocery shopping, and a trip to the garden shop.  The rain should be moving out and things drying out.  Only puttering in the garden--tidying up and such.  I am hoping to find some herbs to put up on the fence in place of the tomatoes I had to take off because of the winds.


Very cool and cloudy right now.  I will wait for a bit before I do anything outside.  I have a new herb--feverfew.  I know exactly where it will go in the gardens.  I also have some herbs I want to put in pots for the fence.  For all the rain we got Monday I had to water some of the plants yesterday.  Herb harvesting on the agenda also--sage, peppermint and lemon basil.


Cool again.  I just remembered I should take down the spring wreath on the door and replace it with the summer wreath.  We are still wondering what happened to summer.  It is July after all and the morning temps today and yesterday are in the mid 50s.  I don't think we got out of the 60s yesterday.  I took out the last stand of mustard yesterday and planted the feverfew in its place.  Also transplanted the St. John's wort, one of the rosemary plants, lime basil, and oregano into pots that fit in the fence hangers.  We'll see how they do.  With that I decided to postpone the herb harvesting to today along with some trimming and clean up.

I don't often read conservative posts but this one at the American Conservative is well worth reading. The author makes two points I have noticed almost from the beginning:  terror is a tactic anyone can use and applying it obscures who the real target of our so-called Global War on Terror is, and the definition of what constitutes terror is incredibly slippery and can be trimmed (or expanded) to suit the needs of who ever is applying the label.

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