Thursday, July 23, 2015


We did our grocery shopping yesterday which included a visit to the farm market.  Our own tomatoes are beginning to come in and we have more than we can eat so we picked up some romas to make sauce.  All I did in the garden was water plants and drown some beetles.  Today I have beans to harvest and the trimming I put off yesterday.  Was very nicely surprised to meet a neighbor from down the street who came by to see if I could use a few small pots.  His family is moving to Georgia and thought we might like them considering the plants we have.  I noticed several herbs I can take a new cutting from in the next few days.  I looked for some small plants to put in bare spot where the mizuna used to be but didn't find anything interesting.  I think I will take cuttings of the ornamental sweet potatoes to root and put that in.

For some weeks after we got our new-to-us car we kept getting messages on the dash read-out encouraging us to sign up for Onstar and Pandora.  We ignored them.  We are thoroughly turned off by the whole "internet of things" concept.  I agree with the comment Yves Smith (Naked Capitalism) put on the link to this story:  my car will be as old and dumb as I can find.  As will be my phone.

I saw a brief blurb on the morning news on this story.  The rest of the story is a real testament to our (in)justice system.  After all of the news media hullabaloo, the Feds get an "obstruction of justice" conviction that is overturned on appeal.  The whole doping "scandal" got lost in the process.

Caught between high water and none.

I like this notion.  I have read a couple of blogs whose writers have tried versions of it.  I ought to Google indoor gardening again.  Just for the hell of it.


Puttering and maintenance in the gardens today.  I need a new boiling water canner.  My old one sprang a leak so it will become a garden planter.  It is large enough to replace one of the large pots I lost to the winter.  I think I will spend part of today browsing around for a new canner.

An excellent critique of American Christianity.  I have known for a long time that American Christians have cut the cloth of their faith to suit their own purposes and spirit.  And neither is pretty.

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