Saturday, July 11, 2015


Lovely day yesterday.  Should be another one today.  I got some trimming done and attacked the sudden rise in the Japanese beetle population.  I caught and drowned about 30 of the little pests and missed I don't know how many others.  I have another recipe for a deterrent I will try today.  Next year I have a row cover with support hoops to try out but I bought them too late to put in this year.  I will have to get a new basil plant (or two) and keep it inside if I want any basil when we start canning tomatoes.  I collected another small handful of pea pods which we ate with our supper last night along with the pods I harvested earlier.  The little Tom Thumb plants are producing well for their size.  I found some small Costoluto tomatoes forming and we ate the first two Microtom tomatoes that ripened a couple of days ago.

I saw this yesterday but don't remember if I linked to the story.  I have often wondered how some authors (not necessarily righties) got on the "best seller" list.  I suspected something like what is described in the article.  No one I knew was reading the books and almost everyone I know are avid readers.  I wasn't reading them either.  And, for the record, I haven't read Obama's and Clinton's books either.  My lack of interest transcends the left-right divide.

I am always amazed by how effective a bit of bad (or potentially bad) publicity can be in getting something done right.

So Tom Selleck basically received stolen goods.  I wondered when I first read the story if that might be the case.  If you buy a stolen TV does that somehow absolve you if the owner comes looking for it?  Just because you didn't steal whatever yourself doesn't make you innocent.

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