Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I will take a day off today in the gardens.  We have rain coming through so I don't need to water this morning.  I will check later after the rain moves out.  I got quite a bit of trimming done and got some of the wayward branching tied up.  I found some flowers on the Gold Marie bean vines and the Sunset runner beans.  Saw another bumblebee on the sunflowers--YEAH!!!


Today continues as yesterday ended--unseasonably cool.  We had rain also.  Nothing planned for outside today.

The idiot decided to light off some kind of fireworks from his head.  Now his mom wants "stricter" regulations.  You can't legislate against stupid.  I don't know how drunk he was but that is just more stupidity on his part.  Sorry for your pain, Mom, but your son was stupid, drunk and irresponsible.  His bad!!

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