Monday, July 13, 2015


What I am reading today--

My now-deceased ex-husband used to complained when I talked to myself.  I used to tell him that "I talk to the smartest person present."  Eventually he learned to shut the hell up--but he was a slow learner.  This article confirms my perception.  People who talk to themselves are smart.

This sounds like a really good use for unused underground spaces.


Expecting thunderstorms today with parts of the area under flood watch.  I did some more trimming on the standard tomatoes and clipped some of the damaged leaves on sunflowers yesterday.  Also sprayed for those Japanese beetles but it looks like the numbers are dropping off.  I certainly hope so since they have already damaged all of my basils.  I think some birds have found my sunflowers because I have found a few flowers with bare spots where the immature seeds have disappeared.  What I do outside and how much depends on when all that rain and wind come through.

Weather update--The rain and wind have come through--first wave.  We expect a second later in the afternoon.  The wind had my sunflowers dancing.  I put in tall stakes and tied them securely so I don't think they will be damaged seriously.  The rain came in a hard deluge.  Needless to say not work in the gardens today.

This is so cute!!

And this one is right on the money!!

Another weather update--we now have sun coming out.  That should push our temperatures up and fuel the possible thunderstorms due later today.  Weather is so changeable lately.

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