Friday, July 17, 2015


Yesterday I did get quite a bit of work in the gardens done before the showers came.  I will grind the dried herbs later today.  Took out two tomato plants which simply didn't thrive after collecting all of the fruit on them.  I put them all together in a covered bowl.  We ate the ripe ones with our salad and will eat the green ones as they ripen.  I think they didn't have enough root room.  Even the small varieties need a lot of root space.  I also found a handful of peas that are now in our freezer.  I got a lot of trimming done and sprayed the squash and bee balm for powdery mildew.  All that rain that has done so little for my plants has done wonders for the mildew.  More errands planned for today.  It has been a week for them and that has really cut down my gardening and reading time.

I love this story from the UK.  The comment about cities/towns treating parking fees as a cash cow is right on.  That is one reason why we don't go some places we used to go.  They have jacked up the parking and entrance fees to the point where the trip is way too expensive.

Anybody else think this is strange?  Athens' police arrested 14 people during the violent demonstrations but 12 were arrested for painting graffiti in the metro station, 2 for assaulting police officers and ALL were foreigners.

For an interesting take on our farcical political circus take a read of Lamebert Strether's late at Naked Capitalism.  I had to look up the term "kayfabe" because I never heard it before.  It fits.

This illustrates exactly why I don't trust anything in the (s)news media.  Even with stories closer to home the reportage is sloppy, muddled, rushed, inaccurate, presented for maximum dramatic effect which often presents a picture totally at odds with the story itself, and biased.

Gaius Publius posted on Naked Capitalism a long but interesting article titled "The Augean Stables--How Corruption Has Amended the Constitution."  Read it and weep.

I think this comes under the heading "Squeezing Blood From A Stone."

I can't add anything to Huffington Post's piece on The Donald's "campaign" and their coverage of it.

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