Sunday, September 13, 2015


We have a steady and fairly heavy rain right now--the kind we used to get in April.  I won't be doing any gardening today.  Yesterday we made a trip to one of our local building supply/gardening stores where I picked up another two 5 gal buckets with lids and a large pruner.  I needed more containers for the soil from the smaller pots and the two grow bags.  Every other container is full right now.  And I needed something that can cut down the sunflowers--those stems are a lot like bamboo.

So on to reading--

The Evil Empire strikes again.  Anyone else remember the ballyhooed news earlier this year that they were raising all their employee's wages?  Anyone else notice the story I linked to a few days ago about the orders which went out to their store managers to cut employee hours?  Give with one hand and take away with the other.  Evidently they are trying the same with their suppliers.  I hope they lose a lot of suppliers over their proposed new fees (higher warehouse and shelf fees) and payment schedules (longer to get paid).


Another rainy day so no gardening today either.  But I have some inside plants to water and a couple I should trim a bit.  Update: we got some sun for a bit and though it is cool for the season it is pleasant.  I went out and picked enough ripe or nearly ripe tomatoes to fill the dehydrator and a couple of ripe Amish Golds.  Tomorrow I will start picking any tomato I can get my hands on for the dryer--green or ripe.  I have to start cutting the vines back and, given how unpredictable the weather is, it is best to get it done when I can.

Interesting tidbit from Crooks and Liars.  My guess is the 43% of Republicans who can conceive of a situation in which they would welcome a military coup assume that the coup will be headed by Republicans.  Me?  Well, I agree with Elizabeth I: I do not like wars (or coups).  Their outcomes are never certain.


Very cool this morning.  Mom said we should have brought out our winter robes and didn't believe the reported temperature.  She thinks it is colder than the 52F reported.  The seasons have definitely changed and our menus also.  We don't want cold sandwiches and cold salads now.  Instead, we look forward to casseroles, soups and such.  She remarked on how seasonal our eating has become.

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