Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday--Happy Labor Day

For those who actually still have the holiday--enjoy.  Planning to collect tomatoes from the gardens.  I will dry most of them.  It is supposed to be steamy today so I doubt I will get much done besides that and watering.  The weather people predict a good bit of rain tonight and tomorrow.

Found this post first thing this morning and it is worth a read.  Perhaps Kim Davis would be a better Christian if she emulated Jimmy Carter.

I wished you all a happy Labor Day but it is one of a growing number of holidays we really don't pay much attention to any more.  Like Christmas, Halloween, "Presidents' Day, Fourth of July and so many others it is merely a "buying" opportunity.  For most of us our only value in this society is how well we can mindlessly consume what every our corporate masters throw (up) at us.  We don't ask ourselves what the holidays are supposed to honor.  Doug Smith does muse on that very question at Naked Capitalism.  Read it and weep.

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