Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Another hot day expected so what ever I do in the gardens I need to get done early.  

A good reason not to vote for Carly Florin.   I guess she has been so busy hustling votes she hasn't heard that California has a problem with drought, or that the ground water and aquifers are being drained at a very fast rate, or that the rivers are running dry so there simply isn't much to allocate to anyone, or that the ground is subsiding at a furious pace because of how much water is being pumped and for much of that government can't do much.  Of course, one company making out like the bandit it is is Nestle which pays a pittance for the water it puts into the little plastic bottles which it sells to fools for a tidy profit.  The CEO says they would pump more water into more little plastic bottles it it only could.  Is that the ag business Carly thinks government has destroyed?

At first I thought Marie had posted a fictional piece until I read further down--and then did a Google search for details.  We just had a dramatic increase in prices of gas because of an "unscheduled maintenance" problem at the local refinery.  No shortage--just prices $0.90/gal higher than they were before or after.

I lived in Columbia, Missouri for about seven years.  I don't remember the time fondly and I find this piece at Addicting Info absolutely hilarious.  I love it when manipulators of the political process get shafted by their own manipulations.

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