Sunday, September 6, 2015


Heavy rain for most of the day yesterday so I didn't harvest anything.  Looking at the extended forecast, with overnight temps dropping into the 50s and even 40s, I think it is time to start harvesting the green tomatoes as well.  I will dry them and we will use them in our tomato sauce over the winter.  The larger ones we will fry and freeze.  I noticed a separation in the cover of my mini-greenhouse just where the plastic joins the zipper so I won't worry about taking it in over this year.  I will need a new one next year.

I linked to a post yesterday about the run-amok trend of intolerant idiots using personal belief as a public club against people who violate their tender sensibilities.  Here is another one.

So this is still going on--just not making our news media.

This is gruesomely mind-boggling.  Yves Smith who provided the link on her Naked Capitalism site hoped it was sensationalized but, given the legal and cultural factors, I can believe it.  After all our major companies factor in the possible fines and compensations as "costs of doing business" so they don't actually have to change behaviors or products that are lucrative.

I wonder if these are the same "intelligence sources" who claimed the Saddam Hussein's Iraqi government was buying yellow cake uranium ore from Africa.  Or those who insisted his government had large stockpiles of WMDs.  We know how well that adventure turned out.

I started reading this piece by Margaret Atwood and didn't recognize the names of the politicians which confused me.  Then I remembered that she is Canadian.  However, as I read further, I recognized the politics and wondered if Stephen Harper and his conservative have had their sensibilities adjusted by our Repthuglicans.  It sure sounds like it.

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