Monday, September 28, 2015


Didn't do much at all yesterday.  You can probably tell.  Not much on the news except Pope Francis who performed pretty much as we have come to expect.  Don't get me wrong.  I like what I see of the man but I don't see why his every move is newsworthy.  I wonder how many other items were ignored by our (s)news media during his visit.

I guess this is a good reflection of a point some "peak oil" bloggers have tried to make:  it isn't that we will run out of oil in an absolute sense (i.e., there isn't any) but that the oil available simply isn't harvestable at an affordable cost.

The situation in Spain is getting interesting.  The Catalan elections brought in a parliamentary majority for separatist parties which claim they now have a mandate to declare independence within eighteen months.  The major fuel behind these parties was the austerity programs the national government is trying to ram through.  This Reuters piece provides more information both on the Catalan movement but on the Scottish separatist movement as well.

Is it my imagination or are auto recalls becoming more frequent and involving bigger numbers?

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