Thursday, September 10, 2015


Got not gardening done yesterday.  We decided to do our shopping errands yesterday because we expect rain today.  By the time we were done and had things put away it was getting warm and the humidity made that worse.  We'll see if we get the rain the weather people are predicting.

A good recap of the last incredible (in a not very good way) fourteen years by Tom Englehardt.  I get so tired of our news media interviewing some insipid little nitwit after every new measure by some organization, government, or venue to search bags or people, restrict they can carry, or otherwise impose on citizens a new restriction who mews something about "If it is for our safety, I guess I'm ok with it."  The "land of the free and home of the brave" has become the "land of the constrained and home of the craven."


The rain took its time coming in yesterday but was heavy when it came.  I collected a full basket each of ripe tomatoes, beans and peppers.  The tomatoes will be in the dehydrator and the beans and peppers in the freezer later today.  The temperature should stay in the low 70s so I hope it will be a good day to clean up a bit in the gardens.  Several plants are looking more than a bit tired.  Update: tomatoes in the dryer and beans in the freezer.  Only have the peppers to do.

Interesting post from the Contrary Farmer--one that speaks to my disenchantment with our commercial world.


Didn't get the peppers in the freezer.  Instead I took down the plant bags and cleaned out the petunias and begonias that were looking very tired.  I plan to put strawberries in them next year.  The tomatoes will be dried by sometime later today.

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