Saturday, September 19, 2015


We had another night of thunderstorms.  The weather people say things should dry out so I will see what things look like when the sun comes up before deciding what I might do outside.  We spent a significant amount of time yesterday on an eye exam so we didn't do anything in the gardens.  It didn't really dry out much yesterday anyway.  Update: still raining.  I don't think we will dry out today.

Now this is stunning!!  I am utterly amazed at the planning it took and the effects achieved.

I wonder how long before this spy tech reaches this side of the Atlantic.  The totally wired life is encroaching and I do not like it at all.  And the sanctimony dripping from the executives who think that the company has an obligation, given rising health care costs, to "encourage" its customers to make the "appropriate choices" is utterly nauseating.  Big Brother has arrived and in ways George never imagined.

Margaret Atwood has a good essay on freedom--and the implications are somewhat frightening.  Orwellian even.

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