Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Got more done yesterday than I had initially planned.  Removed all but one of my pepper plants--all those who have flowers but no fruit.  This late in the season there isn't enough time for any new fruit to ripen.  I also took out the remaining tomatoes and found three ripe Amish Gold tomatoes hiding in the foliage.  Later I saw a little ground squirrel munching on one of the cherry tomatoes that fell while I was cutting down the tangled vines.  We have five meals worth of raw sliced green tomatoes and another meal of fried green tomatoes frozen for later use.  Also some 20+ lbs of tomato sauce in the freezer.  That all is in addition to the tomatoes we ate fresh.  Been a good year for tomatoes.  I also collected spearmint and feverfew for drying.  The pot the spearmint was in broke as I lifted it. The plastic becomes fragile after a few years.  My little patio is a difficult environment for both plants and planters.  It goes from icebox to oven quickly and during the summer receives strong, direct sun most of the day while it gets almost no sun during the winter.  I took a mental inventory of my remaining pots and won't replace the broken one because I have several of similar size in my collection.  I am already planning next year's gardens.

So Scott Walker has ended his presidential campaign and decided to "lead" by walking out the door showing other wannabes the way.  One of the commenters this morning mentioned the notion that if enough of his ilk leave the race they might find someone who can take out Trump.  That seems to be the deepest desire of the Repthuglican collective soul--besides replacing the (non)Muslim in the White House with a good (non)Christian.

So the bastard got only 28 years.  Well, that is more than I expected.  How often have companies paid fines and the executives got off without any pain at all.  I guess the e-mail not to "just ship it" obviated his defense and did him in.  Hard to ignore that or to explain it away.

Japan, it seems, is going to emulate the U.S. and focus education on the so-called STEM subjects.  To that end the ministry that deals with education has issued a non-binding directive that the colleges and universities cancel all programs in the humanities, law, and social sciences.  Considering how well such a focus has worked over here in the primary and secondary grades, I wonder why.  Last I heard our students have not scored lower on achievement tests for decades.

I love this one.  Ernst & Young, given their long experience with recruiting college graduates to fill its open positions, have found "no evidence" that such level of education is necessary for their new hires to do their jobs.  They are no longer making college degrees a requirement for applicants.

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