Friday, January 8, 2016


The bread turned out very well--a bit sweeter than we are used to. I crocheted a coaster yesterday to test out a pattern. My sister-in-law asked me to make up a set for her. I noticed a couple of places where the pattern needed tweaking so I will do up another one today to test out my changes. I need to finalize the seed lists and place my orders.

I have been a fan of Apple computers and have had various versions since my first back in 1983. I emphasized the word "computers" because I haven't had and don't want an iPhone or an iPod. I don't want a "smart" phone--just a phone that can receive calls (real voice calls). I don't use texting and open only those from my phone service provider telling my bill for the month it ready for me to pay. This article on Atlantic resonates. For us it isn't because we are trying to withdraw from the heavily connected world we have been sucked into since we haven't been sucked in all that far. Rather it is controlling the technology in our lives and making sure it truly meets our needs not the manufactured "needs" the advertising tries to instill.

I have stayed away from commenting on the crackpot idiots occupying that wildlife refuge building in Oregon because they are crackpots. But, as the old saying goes, just because you are paranoid doesn't mean someone isn't out to get you and just because you are a crackpot idiot doesn't mean there might not be a sane reason behind your crackpot actions. This article on Grist makes a lot of sense. It brings to mind other examples of protest arising out of changing economic/social conditions mixed with environmental regulations. Thirty years ago (or so) it was the spotted owl controversy and loggers who loudly proclaimed they loved spotted owls--fricasseed--after the federal government enacted new logging restrictions to protect the owls' habitat.

Oh, my!! Such a self-serving definition of abuse of power!!

So true!! Millennial anti-theft device indeed (by way of elfkat)!!

This is an addiction I share--whole heartedly!! And I don't want to hear about any cure.

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