Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Welcome to the last Monday of January 2016. I tried out a new bread recipe for a cottage cheese/herb bread yesterday and it turned out really good. I wasn't too sure about it until it came out of the oven prettily brown and well risen. We did a taste test last night and have marked it for repeats.

This story brings back memories of about ten years ago when Walmart eliminated its fabric and needlework sections. That hit me rather hard because Target had done the same several years before, and Michaels and Hobby Lobby hadn't yet expanded to our town. I clicked on numerous message boards where the customers were furious because Walmart had driven out the local small craft stores leaving crafters with no options but mail-order or driving very long distances for their supplies. I can sympathize because Michaels no longer has much of what I want and I detest the sanctimony of Hobby Lobby. I barely got enough of the kind of yarn I wanted though I had to settle for a slightly different color on my last visit to Michaels. I think I will be going on line from now on. But just think about ramping the pain up a factor of 100 or so because your only source of groceries and pharmacy supplies is gone. And as far as Walmart having conversations with the political and civic leaders of the towns they are leaving high and dry is concerned, I will remind you that talk is worth its weight in gold.

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