Monday, January 18, 2016


A nice quiet day yesterday and we actually had some nice sunshine though the temperatures were dropping. The weather people said we won't get much warmth today because a cold blast is coming down from the northwest. It won't much matter for us. We have only one event planned for the week on one of the (forecast) dry and sunny days (though not at all warm). Otherwise--we hibernate.

I got some stitches in both the table cloth and the shawl. Have some plants to water today. Otherwise nothing new or exciting here.


It is really cold this morning--like -3*. We won't see anything out of single digits today. Thankfully, we did our shopping last Thursday so we would be well stocked till next week. For basics we can go even longer.

I am trying to get some order into my new (growing) collections of patterns, recipes, and other fascinating bits of information. I started with the bread recipes but only got about halfway done with them. Thinking about my needlework collection also. Not sure what I will do with that. Though some of my stash is in the SABLE (stash acquired beyond life expectancy) range and I have been using more of what I already have, I always find I need something I don't have. When the weather turns warmer I need to get some yarn in a color I don't normally use for the coasters I have planned for my Sister-in-Law. I didn't stitch yesterday since I was doing over my recipes. Maybe I will get some of all of it done today.

A snippet from an article I read yesterday led me on an interesting odyssey. The author said that if we wanted to vote green this election the place to do it might well be in local city elections since some cities are taking action on the environmental/sustainability/recycling/urban agriculture front. It occurred to us that we hear damned little of our local politics here. The broadcast news comes out of Chicago and barely, infrequently mentions our news. The local newspapers are ghosts of their past selves and not very informative. Ferreting out who is running for what offices and what their positions on what issues are will be an interesting challenge. And this in a year when we have a lot on the ballot.

All I can say about this is "DAMN."

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