Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Weather same as yesterday--damn cold. Single digits with below 0* wind chills. Program today is same as yesterday: stay in, stay warm, stitch a bit, read a lot.

As Mom often says of this political season "it is the best comedy on TV." Or anywhere else. It seems we have a choice between laughing and crying.

And now for another bit of comedy. A big bad militia man with a gun gets knocked on his ass by an unarmed 79 year-old retiree who simply wanted to check on the owls.

Unfortunately, this is where politics becomes a crying game. This is what happens when government is run on the same lines as business and the bottom line is the only measure of "success."

Politicians, Repthuglicans in particular but all of that various tribe in general, are used to employing linguistic legerdemain to spin situations in their favor. Evidently idiot governor of Michigan wants to claim the Flint water catastrophe is a "natural" disaster. And not gaining any traction. Not even. It was entirely man made and the man most responsible is Snyder himself. I would love to see him impeached and, if there were any justice in this world, he should be prosecuted for manslaughter (if not murder).

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