Thursday, January 7, 2016


Bread baking day. I found a recipe for beer yeast bread. I specified because I found a lot of quick beer breads but I wanted a yeast bread that would work for sandwiches not a cake. I got another two rows in my shawl and some stitches in a table scarf I have been working on for a good while. So a productive day.

Like Candy Sagon at AARP I like research that supports what I like to do anyway. When the research makes other conclusions we generally find good reasons to disregard it. Our morning starts with a pot of coffee which we brew much weaker than the directions call for. The pot provides about 3 cups for each of us which we drink slowly while watching (sort of) the morning news and browsing on the computers. We have a pot of tea with our main meal mid-afternoon which is usually a mix of equal parts green or black tea, and three kinds of herbs or herbal mixes. Yesterday we had a nice mix of Earl Grey/hyssop/chamomile/lavender. Many of the herbs I grow myself and dry for winter use.

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