Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Another really frigid morning (barely above 0*F) with possibilities of flurries later. We are still hibernating and looking to next week for when we might venture out for our errands. Right now our choices rest on whether we want to deal with the cold or rain/snow. The couple of days when temperatures should reach the high 30s or low 40s sounds nice but those come with rain. Since I have finished the coaster set planned for us and haven't got the yarn for the set for my sister-in-law, I decided to try the same pattern in bedspread cotton with a much larger hook than I would normally use to make a table cloth for a small round table. So far it looks quite nice. If it works out, I think I will try to adjust the pattern for an oval for the dining room table.

Here is an item for the "sounded like a good idea at the time" file. Where do you put 950k tons per day of waste? I read a headline which said Alberta, Canada has suspended fracking because of a 4.8 or so earthquake. If I find it again I will try to link.

I can relate to this author's situation. Well, not entirely since I an a 65 year old retired woman who never started a tech company. But we noted this morning how little we miss running the TV like we used to. A couple of years ago it was on 16 hours a day--from the time we got up till we went to bed. It was an ubiquitous presence but an increasingly irritating one. The news shows, which were the mainstay of the day, were more and more repetitive (even when we changed channels, when they weren't pure nauseating fluff. Channels we once watched for informative shows became venues for (un)reality shows. The movies offered were more moronic as time went on. We reduced our service till we now have barely basic cable. We thought as we stepped down to lower and lower service levels that we would miss it. We don't and we are happier for cutting it off. The day may come when we get rid of cable all together as the morning and evening news is becoming less and less news and more and more inconsequential fluff.

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